Unwisely Talking on the Future

Pictured: Many flags - Associated Press.

Its about a day until the United States election, perhaps a couple more to have a solid view on the result. Thank god, no matter which outcome happens (hopefully a Biden win) at least I will no longer need to uphold both possible realities in my head anymore. An extremely unhealthy obsession with these matters will always plague me, but once whoever wins wins a lot of it can be normalised and accepted into the main narrative of my reality pretty quickly, same for most others I assume. I think I'd doubt most people, even the strongest opponents of Trump feeling otherwise, it's normal now like all the awful prior events of our world had been normal then too.

A week ago I felt fairly sure of a Biden win and that feeling more or less remains. The conditions do not match what was going on in 2016 for either candidate; Biden is not as widely reviled as Hillary and has had far less stick to him, Trump on the other hand no longer has the appeal of an outside challenger or unknown force of change.

Trumps incumbency more or less stands against any of his attempted attacks during this campaign, because again, he is normal to us now regardless of our opinion, he's old news. To quote the man himself:

No longer "hot". Boring attacks that no longer spark the reality TV ratings he seeks. I'm ready to be wrong here of course - I have no real ability to tell what will happen a day from now in any domain, simply make my assumptions. I do think the line of thought re: normalisation will be one to further explore however, so I guess we'll revisit that in a day or two as we usher in the new era or normalcy.