Jul 16


darkMessing with 2.5d visuals and toon shading.

Jul 16

June-July Muck abouts.

A couple small projects from the last couple months. Not much to them But I figured it’s time to start sharing more/again. Below are the three main projects I spent my time on over the last couple months.

1: This… eyesore


This one was purely experimental on visuals, I couldn’t be bothered modelling/texturing anything half decent so I messed with the toon shaders outline and camera effects to make a minimalist eyesore. Didn’t get far beyond that.

2: Red.


This was an exercise in meditation, I think. I was pretty anxious at the time with upcoming federal elections and brexit I still have this one locked away to maybe add some kind of mechanical interaction, but it was a relaxing enough scene for me to look at while being put together.

3: Adventuring


I don’t have any real game development/design skills so this one also got thrown onto the “on hold/waiting for the hard drive it’s on to decay”, but I really enjoyed modelling the male main character and liked the idea of playing with a point and click adventure. Learned a bit while putting it together. If I can ever think of a single puzzle/plot point maybe I’ll have a shot at revisiting it!



Jul 16

The usual absence.

So this blog has had it’s usual run of inactivity with the odd “I am still alive post” in between each other. So here’s another one, perhaps it will be followed with another post sooner if I behave for the remainder of this year.

As a reflective exercise I decided to make a post on why I’ve been inactive, why I’ve failed to follow what was once a passion around games and the dream to make them and what steps to take from here on out.

If you’re not a fan of that kind of thing, probably not worth reading from here on out. Hopefully this will be drowned out with posts over the next half of the year!

I’m not someone who has devoted enough time in their life to one thing to be remotely good at anything. A jack of all trades with a low bar of skill but also an insane perfectionist who will delete his work the second he finishes because of that low standard. As a result, sharing things to a blog generally brings anxiety (in case anyone will ever see it) alongside any normal fears of sharing things in public spaces. This leads to a terrible cycle of paralysis to do anything and then fear of sharing anything that does get done, and it’s probably one of the biggest problems I need to deal with.

I’m not going to complain too much beyond that, but I wanted to make this post for the sake of keeping the blog “active” – My goal is to simply push this post off the front page by the end of the year.



Dec 15

Animation practice with live2d

It’s been a forever since I posted here, in that time I was off in Tokyo, then Osaka and then studying a whole bunch so I’ve been unproductive.

Also admittedly unmotivated due to lacking the skills to make anything good. So back to basics with animation. Here’s today’s little muck about. 7c82ec6409b82c72324972895f9650da


Character by Inada Shuichi.

Aug 15

Surface shading



May 15



Feb 14

Unity Prototype


build 2014-02-05 21-19-21-58build 2014-02-05 21-18-30-91

Messing about in unity like and producing a kinda ugly (but appealing to me) prototype based on a prototype from ages ago where you jumped along rooftops with superjumps.


Using some placeholder models and a roughly generated city till I figure out what I’m actually doing.

Jan 14

Baldy head


Jan 14

Still a heatwave

fac2Trying to be productive, turned an old sketch to pixels.


Jan 14


profileIt’s hot.